Our Top 5 Reasons to Visit in September & October
5. Bye bye summer crowds!

Visiting in the less busy times of the year means you will have an even more personalized visit and more room to stretch out in the park.

4. Don’t sweat it!

Cooler temperatures mean you will work up less of a sweat while you climb, swing, and zip through the forest canopy! Our ideal climbing temperatures are anywhere from 0 to 25 degrees Celsius.

3. Don’t bug me!

By September and October, those sometimes-pesky mosquitoes and black flies will only be a memory!

2. Time is on your side.

We know summers are busy and it can sometimes feel like it’s over before you know it. Now that you have a little more free time, you can check some of those missed items off your summer bucket list.

1. Those colours!

Come marvel at the fall colours from a whole new perspective! Although peak leaf change varies from year to year, and from one of our parks to another, you should be able to see some colour change anywhere from Sept 20th to Oct 15th.

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